Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Recap: Enough with the Fatigue

Well, what do you know: the Oscars have been widely panned.

The real confusion for me is the part of the program that's being panned, and that is that it was "too boring". I think people who look at the Oscars as a scripted form of entertainment need to rethink the real reason behind it all, and that it's a pan because of who took home the big prize.

This is not trash talk against The King's Speech. This is against the Academy for not recognizing the importance of a win for The Social Network. This is a film that will be remembered as an iconic capture of a moment in time. A "generation movie" so to speak. For that, I am left saddened that David Fincher and his film did not take home the prize with best adapted screenplay winner Aaron Sorkin. Instead, it went to the film that will be forgotten about once the hype dissipates.

So how non-sober was James Franco? Whatever he was on, at least he looked more relaxed than any other host in the past decade. Anne Hathaway tried her best, but seemed to be on the other end of Franco. However, I think it's time to look for hosts who are more entertainers than movie stars. And if the Academy is thinking what I think it's thinking, bringing back Billy Crystal will not redeem the show. We need someone who is not connected with the inner circle of the Oscars. Ricky Gervais was a perfect fit for the Globes. The Academy needs to find someone like him who will spice things up. The unpredictably that makes this show so great has been missing for a while. Are people/the FCC so conservative about television that improvisation is considered offensive? I think if they want to stick with a movie star, why not someone witty like Robert Downey Jr.? Sherlock Holmes 2 comes out at the end of the year, so maybe a Robert Downey/Jude Law combo will occur.

It's always a sad day, the day after the Oscars. It's as though the movie spirit disappears, only to reappear again when it's necessary. I wish there were more consistency in Hollywood. I want to know there is something to look forward to before the summer season (and even that is tough to say with the presumably weak line-up this year) that will keep my movie-loving heart beating and movie-hating heart at bay.

That is, until the release of Fast Five.


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