Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Windmill Movie

**1/2 Stars

Imagine a film about a person making a film about himself, but died before it was "finished." Then, in an attempt to honor his legacy, his friends make a film about him making a film about himself, but in the end never show the actually film. Thus creates, The Windmill Movie.

Did you get that? Basically, The Windmill Movie is a collage of random footage and interviews surrounding the life Richard P. Rogers, a filmmaker who desperately tried to make an autobiographical film about his own life. Sadly, he passed away from cancer in 2001, but his friends decided to create a documentary about the journey behind him and the unfinished film. The Windmill Movie asks a very interesting question: "Why is it so hard to make a movie about yourself?" That question is deep enough to spark a debate amongst anyone whose ever even seen a film. However, when watching an actual film about the fundamentals of personal filmmaking, the message, from an outside perspective at least, is rather forgettable.

I appreciate the effort and sincerity of Richard's friends here, by giving the world a piece of their friend's whole life, a life in which all he ever wanted was to make a movie and share it to the world. Whatever masterpiece he thought he was making though, is perhaps best kept to himself. The Windmill Movie is more of a homage than a film, and while I can't for a second dismiss it, there's really no reason to head out and see it unless you knew the man behind it.

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Ryan said...

but yet you still gave it 2.5 stars?